A Numerology Service
A service site for people who intend to empower themselves through rare, specialized knowledge.
Do you have the intention to know yourself better, like right to the core? Then a Personal Reading is for you. Is there an issue arising to trouble you from out of one of your personal relationships? Then a Relationship Assessment is what you require. Are you starting a business, or do you need to become more effective at promoting your brand? Then you either need a powerful business name coupled to an auspicious start date, or you need some smart tactical information regarding an issue of timing and presentation. Name change being contemplated? Find out the ramifications of such a move, before you commit. Or, are you intended to study numerology as a desired add-on life skill? Then to attend an instruction forum is probably what draws you. There is something for everyone in the scope of service offered. It is even possible to host a Numerology Reading Night, and to earn money by doing so. I invite you explore - a consultation is always free.
What is Numerology?
Pythagoras famously, and correctly, said, "All is number". Indeed. The study of numbers goes back millenia. Through long experience it is known that numbers have identifiable properties. Nine primary numbers, nine primary properties: Life-Drive, Sensitivity, Joy, Logic, Adaptability, Responsibility, Spirituality, Power, and Love. Your name is comprised of numbers in disguise, disguised in accord to the letter and its specific numeric placement within the Alphabet. A is 1, B is 2, C is 3, and so on. A harmonizes to Life-Drive, B to Sensitivity, C to Joy. Once it hits attains nine, at the letter I, the application repeats itself. In this manner we are all composites of our name's numeric properties. Understand the composition, understand the person; the lack, the strength, the balance. In that wise, numerology is pure-form psychology. But, numerology is also a method of telling time, as it is a study of process. Not just any time, or any process, but the time and process of your life. Do you see why it is important? 
A perusal of the site's pages will inform you, exactly, what it is that a numerologist does. We are useful. We are not dreamers, we are life's situational pragmatists, and we have good information.  I invite you to read on...