About Me


I have been doing numerology for twenty two years now, as of 2016. I recall how I got into it. I had just returned to Edmonton from Amsterdam in late 1993. Some friends of mine were involved in an indoor market and I was encouraged to hang out with them in my spare time. I got to know some of the merchants, among whom existed a numerologist by the name of 'Eddie'. Now, Eddie and I would chat every once in a while over coffee and he would tell me all about numerology, as he knew it to be. I didn't listen much to Eddie, to tell you the truth. He made little real sense and I saw little practical point in the manner of his study. I have to be honest. I didn't think at the time, and I still don't think, that Eddie was on quite the right track with it all. I would nod politely but as often as not my attention would drift elsewhere, and his voice would become a drone in my ear. But, he did say something to me one time that provoked me enough to listen. He asked me a simple question. It was, "Do you like your life?"


I had to think about that for a moment. "Sometimes yes, sometimes no", I answered truthfully. "Well", he replied, "If you don't like your life, then change your name". Now, I still think him rash for suggesting a name change as casual as that, without reference to a careful appraisal of potential complication. I know that only now, certainly not then, but what he did manage to impress into my mind at the time, with that disarming question of his, was the implied fact that numerology had some form of power. Eddie did not involved me in numerology, if you need to know, he just planted the word in my mind, for later recognition.


Winter eventually set in, the market struggled, and Eddie and I drifted away.  I went to work and eventually got myself an apartment and life carried on, but, it was on a certain day in deep Mid-Winter that I have to acknowledge now what was then a quasi-dream-state 'voice', for lack of a better word. It spoke to me. And I hesitate to say it like that. It was distinct to my perception and it simply said, "Study the numbers". I immediately knew what it meant because, as you know, I had met Eddie. My meeting with him had attained its purpose.


Still, I ignored the directive, for a few weeks, and it nagged me until one day I slipped out of the door of my apartment, first thing upon waking, un-showered, to purchase a mid-priced, reasonable-looking book on the study of numerology; as good a book as I could afford. And I bought one. I took it home and I dutifully began to read it. Within short time I was doing readings. Sketchily, but I was doing them, and they were hitting home!


The story since has continue. In 2000 I was rewarded with a night course position through Metro College in Edmonton teaching numerology to a very interested class of six students. I had reached the point of being able to disseminate the accumulated fruit of study, as I am offering it to you today.

Numerology is a powerful craft; Surprisingly easy to earn, yet subtle in practice.