Business Name and Incorporation Date


Everybody knows that a powerful business name can make a business viable. The assumption is correct that a powerful name is able to effectively capture the attention, of even the most casual observer. Quick, effective name recognition is important. Still, a good name is only one aspect of a successful business launch, an accompanying 'birth date' is important as well because it is the union of the two that is then able to skyrocket a business. Well, that and hard work of course, and a good idea, let's be honest. But that part you already know; what I am telling you about the combination of name and the birth date you probably did not. 


Have some ideas for a name? Throw them at me! I'll hone your ideas into concrete. 






Partnership Advice


A business partnership is another form of marriage; contract to sign to get in, lawyer to pay to get out. Look before you leap, is my advice. This service falls under 'Relation Assessment' as it, essentially, the same thing. You may want read up on that. 


Spot Advice


Do you need a date for specific action, for maximum impact, for optimum ramification? Contact me. A PR campaign you intent to initiate? A notification to the public? Do you want a delivered letter to have its best impact? Do you want to know when to proffer a deal? When to approach someone? Contact me. I will deliver to you a date or the information required to work the desired effect.