Classes and Instruction - Numerology
I am offering a class in Salmon Arm, at the Downtown Activity Centre. Shuswap and 5th. It will begin mid-January and will run on into February. Take my advice, participate. The offer is rare! The date and time of individual classes have not been determined yet, nor will they be determined until feedback is acquired from attending students regarding common convenience. Classes are three hours in length, and nine classes are slated to complete the course. The process to learn numerology to an entry-level of competence will be attained. You will never look at life, and the process of how it is lived, in the same way, ever again
The cost to attend is $285. Maximum class size is 6 students, for manageability. And yes, after-class money making opportunities are discussed for the attendees ongoing benefit. It is a marketable skill that you will be learning.
The world desperately needs numerologists, it just doesn't know it yet. 
Course Outline:
The Meaning  of the Numbers, in Good and Bad Aspect
Karmic Numbers of Special Significance
Chart Preparation
Chart Reading
Destiny, Birth Path, Realization, Personality and Heart's Desire Numbers
Habit Challenge Number
Imbalances, Lacks, and Strengths
Missing Numbers
Relationship Dynamics
Compatibility and Incompatibility Determination
Personal Month, Personal Day, and Personal Year Study
The Four Life-Phases
Understanding 'Personality'
Name Changes
Reality of Personal Balance
Lunar Cycles
 Using The Perpetual Calendar
Income Opportunities
Email me to attend. Payment may be broken into thirds, for ease of budget.