Relationship Assessment

Getting married or getting divorced are two things that should not be taken lightly. To that end all inter-personal relationships are open for study through numerology regarding long-term viability, and for source of possible friction. Is the person in your life right for you? Are unseen changes pending that can derail your best effort? Is your relationship founded upon correct principal? You must determine the answer to those questions before you jump into a marriage commitment. On the other hand, if divorce is looming as a life-option then you must determine first, is your relationship truly at an end? Is there a last-ditch effort that can be accomplished in order to save it? Do you want to know why you are seemingly incompatible. What changed? Why is it so hard to understand the other person?
Only an in-depth relationship assessment can determine the truth of the matter, before you sign or file papers
Further, be they family, friend, enemy or lover, find out why you and they clash.
Any relationship, any question, any time. Business partnerships included.
The truth...even if it hurts.