Family Dynamic Assessment 


This one is really important. It is said in life that you can choose your friends but you cannot choose your family. It is unfortunate but true that many family units are fractured entities wherein the members are unable to effectively understand each other, and for that reason they do not effectively communicate. Much strife ensues. There is, in some families, continual collision and conflict, often over time-worn issues. Many family units do not communicate well, and some do not communicate at all. Homes are not a place of refuge for many, but rather a place of hurtful conflict. Why?


The answer lies in the various disparate numeric charts of each member. It is found there because people are individuals at their core, and being born into a family is no guarantee of harmonious, across-the-board common thinking. If we understand the phenomenon of individuality better, and learn to accept it in others more readily, family life would be then rendered easier to understand. And understanding is the key to conflict resolution. 


Hence the premise of this proffered service. 


To proceed charts are drawn on all family member, then cross compared. The dynamic of who gets along with whom, and who conflicts, and why, are exposed.


Three visitations are required for best effect. A Family Dynamic Assessment may be accomplished through one member of the family, like a concerned mother, or father, but for full effectiveness the entire  brood should be in attendance. 




The price is based upon five drawn charts and three visitations, each of one hour duration. For an  additional prepared chart, after the five, add $35.  For an additional consultation after the three add $60.