Personal Readings


This reading is all about you.
Your name contains information vital to self-understanding. It is possible to read that information. When the data derived from your name is coupled to the data derived from your date of birth, a full numeric chart is drawn, at that point we can start talking. Weakness and strength are made open study; life-lessons are brought to light. The timing of your life, including sensitive transit points between large life-phases, are made known. You will learn what it is that you struggle against.  You will learn your anticipated evolvement within this life-time. And there's more. 
A reading will make your life easier to understand, and easier to plan for. It is nothing less than a timely and comprehensive 'life review', with attention paid to the Present as well as to the Future. You will see your life in an entirely new light thereafter; in greater clarity.
A Personal Reading  is the best entry point, it will give you an excellent grounding of useful, fact-based information that you will probably wonder thereafter how you managed to live without it, and, you will be impressed by the day-to-day practicality of what you learn. 
You owe it to yourself to discover who you are. 


A Personal Reading will take approximately 2 to 3 hours to complete.