Name Change
Never change your name lightly, without just cause.  
A change of name is a powerful therapeutic device, it should not be done on a whim, as the warning above indicated. The ramification of a name change must be carefully considered before being acted upon. It is true that a lot of people have a fumbled name experience; confusion over what name to give at birth, adoption, marriage and immigration inconsistencies have all thrown curve balls into people lives.  Even the simple act of ignoring the mother's preference for a name choice has long-term influence. There are many ways for a name to become corrupted. But, corruption is one thing, having a difficult name chart is another. A difficult name chart is akin to a having a difficult life. Helpful is that a name can be analyzed, and in some instances conditions indicated can be modified, or corrected entirely. 
A name analysis is part of a Personal Reading, this service councils people on the therapeutic aspect of a name change, or name correction, thereafter, to offer a clear path forward.