Numerology Night Out
This is a money making offer, and it's fun.
It is possible to host a numerology function. All you need to do is to gather together four or more people. These nights are a blast. It is possible to host one in your own home. Just reach out and book me. Salon Parties are booked at a price point of $20 per attendee. My host receives 50% for the effort. Plus a free reading. 
I do what is called a 'Salon Reading' for each attendee. A Salon Reading opens up a detailed three year window of time. I go over the Past, the Present, and the Future is touched upon, in great detail. A Numerology Night Out touches upon the important facets of what I call, 'Applied Numerology'; that is the study of how numerology enters into the flow of day-to-day life. They are wonderful, informative, laugh-filled nights, well worth the effort to either attend or to host; it is a function to educate, and to entertain. No investment is required. 
Any service booked or item sold incidental to your function such as Book Sales, Personal Readings, Relationship Assessments, Family Dynamic Assessments, Business Services, etc, qualify you a commission rate of 30%. 
Contact me when you're ready to have some meaningful fun.